Sitecore Symposium - Day One - Developer Training on Habitat & Helix

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Well I made it to Sitecore Symposium. This is my first Symposium, so it’s extra special. Technically it doesn’t start till tomorrow, but today I took special training sessions on Habitat and Helix Foundation. So previously I had spent time researching this technology, but wasn’t too impressed, but after an all day course, I really believe it has some strengths. But one of my biggest concerns will be with the learning curve it presents. Now I understand it fairly well now (although I have alot of exploration with it ahead of me) and will be writing some blogs about DevOps with it and how to use the Helix pattern while still being able to use some core technology requirements that I feel are vital to developing Sitecore sites, or even more so, just vital to building .net websites.

I think the important take away from the course is that Helix is the framework/foundation/pattern or whatever you’d like to call it that should be considered to architect either a variation of Habitat that meets your organizational needs or to build your own implementation structure of Helix. So it’s really all about Helix, and less about Habitat. Habitat is just an example of how you could architect a project using the Helix principals. Although you could definitely also use Habitat and build off of it.

I think for future blogs it would be helpful to use Habitat specifically to showcases enhancements, and then working closely on build some framework based of what I’ve learned about Helix and Habitat to build something that uses Helix.

It’s a much shorter post then usual, I really need to blog more often with shorter topics, just to stay active. I have several half written articles on more expert level ponderings or ideas within Sitecore. Hopefully I will get to those when I get back to Palm Beach. But I will say New Orleans is a nice city, although I’ve seen a few drawbacks as well.



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