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Getting Started with Chat Copilot Generative AI Development

In this blog post, I will take a step back and provide an overview of the segments of functionality that make up most modern Generative AI Chat Copilot. I will also discuss popular options and terms that are useful when building your own chat copilot application.

Sitecore Personalize: New Developer Focused API Keys

Today a project that has been in the works for a few months, which is to improve the developer experience with developer-generated tokens for Sitecore Personalize have been released, and I’ll talk through this release and some of the things it means for Developers.

Part Two: Using Extended View Event Data in a Sitecore Personalize Decision Model

In my next blog post on Sitecore CDP/Personalize, I look into building upon my recent content on how to capture additional arbitrary information about the pages that my users are viewing, but in this post I will explore how to then use that information in a decision model which we will then use for a Web Experience.

Capturing Additional Data in a View Event in Sitecore CDP/Personalize

In my latest blog post on Sitecore CDP/Personalize, I explore the different approaches to track arbitrary information in CDP, so that we can then use Sitecore Personalize in a later blog post to create a Decision Model and a Unique Web Experience based on the content the user is viewing for my blog.

Introducing Sitecore CDP/Personalize Serializer/CLI Tool

I walk the user through a PoC that I introduced to the community at Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago, on a New Developer experience for Sitecore CDP/Personalize, including the journey to create this PoC and what’s next for this project.

How to Change the Node Version for Netlify Builds

In this article we take a look at how to use the package.json to specify a node/npm engine for our local development. We then explore the .nvmrc file and how this applies to a Netlify build to enforcing netlify to build with a specific version.

Building Your First Node JS CLI

In this article, I take the reader on the journey as I explore how to create a Node-based CLI. I talk a little bit about how to run a CLI using NPM or NPX and then cover the code I used to create one.

First Look at Github CoPilot - AI Powered Programming

First Look into AI Powered Programming. Should we worry about losing our jobs or will this just increase Developer efficiency. This article is my first initial thoughts on Github Copilot with less than 24 hours of usage.

Getting the GuestRef in the Browser with Sitecore CDP/Personalize

In this blog post, I discovered something as I continue to explore the APIs, and thought it might create the same ah hah moment for others as they try to understand the different IDs in the browser vs the Guests List in your CDP/Personalize tenant.

Introduction to the Git CLI - Simple Commands

Exploring the basic commands to getting started with the Git CLI, for those more familiar with GUI interfaces working with Git source control. This constitutes a nice refresher into Git commands for the CLI and terminology explaining the basics of Git and Source Control.